Wednesday, June 03, 2009


this seems about 6 months too late- the cocktail fad is already on it's way out.

Monday, April 27, 2009


sunday late afternoon, the boy and i found ourselves recovering from an exhausting weekend of socializing. we watched a bit of venture brothers and munched on leftover meatballs and nuts when i noticed a VM left by momma V.

on one hand i had no energy to talk on the phone but on the other hand the guilt of ignoring her call would bother me. so i listened to the voice mail to mentally prepare for the conversation in store:

momma V: ni, i have something very important to tell you. call me back as soon as you can. it's your mom and it's sunday.

so like an obedient, asian daughter i called my mom.

V: hi mom, it's ni. how are you?

momma V: oh i'm so glad you called. i've been so worried.

V: why?

momma V: i heard on the news that there's an outbreak from pork meat in new york. so don't buy or eat any pork meat.

V: huh? (i hadn't read any news since friday) oh sure mom. i won't. that's easy enough, i don't eat all that much pork (except for bacon, prosciutto, and pancetta that is)

momma V: ok. that's all, you can go back to relaxing before work tomorrow.

V: ok, night mom. love you.

mommaV: love you too.

we enjoyed a bit of the beautiful weather and took a walk along the east river and enjoyed some 7-11 delights in the park. a little nap afterwards followed by wings from bar coastal and "science of sleep" rounded out the night.

work was crazy busy today. lunch got postponed until 5pm and i rushed out at 6pm so i could hit the gym and grocery store. on my way back home i noticed another VM from momma V.

that's really odd. she rarely calls two days in a row unless it's an emergency.

so i listened to the VM.

momma V: it's your mom. i'm so worried about the swine flu. call me back!!!

i decided to wait until tomorrow to call her back when my annoyance by her paranoia subsided. but then annoyance faded into sadness for my mom who lets fear restrict her ability to experience new things and live a fuller life. . .

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wha the . . . ?!

another but perhaps underrated reason why "google" is one of the best things ever.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what kids learn in school

my nephew cracks me up whether he is hamming it up with goofy faces, silly songs, or dance moves. the highlight of the weekend was his "tooty tot" song with choreographed dance moves which he learned in school. . . it goes something like this.

a tooty tot a tooty tot, a tooty tah tah!

a tooty tot a tooty tot, a tooty tah tah!

thumbs up. elbows back. legs apart. knees together. bottoms up.

then, with his thumbs up, elbows pressed sharply back, legs standing shoulder length apart, knees close together and little body at a ninety degree angle, wes closes his eyes and sticks his tongue out and dances in a little circle. all the while grunting. . .

uh un uh uh. uh un uh uh. uh un uh UH!

it is one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life. . . although i get the sneaking suspicion that his teacher is having the biggest laugh of us all.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

what to do?

the boy and i got back to nyc sunday night around 7pm with a hankering to do something besides staying in. i wasn't really into the idea of the yea yea yeas so we searched the internet and tony for other options. the boy read about a free comedy show at three of cups so we decided to check it out.

we got there just in time to nab good seats and a table. by the time we settled in with drinks and an order of food, the MC came onto the stage. his introduction was painfully un-funny and made me nervous for the impending line up and show in store. to my relief, each comedian was progressively more funny than the last and definately had many laugh out loud moments.

the group definitely varied in experience and personalities as evidenced by the different styles of delivery, level of interaction with the audience and overall effectiveness. while i've been to a handful of "professional" comedy shows and truly enjoyed them, there was something quite refreshing and raw about sunday's performances. i would definately go again. and $4 glasses of wine aren't so bad either.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


that's how this song makes me feel.

mood swings

lately, i've come to think that my low-energyness is weather related.

because all i could think of doing on friday was getting home, going to the gym, and spending the rest of the night holed up with my honey and some dvd's. as soon as the heavy rain subsided and the sun peaked through friday at 6pm, i was singing a different tune!! i threw on my sneakers and ipod in hand, went for a nice jog along the east river where i contemplated dinner menus and what to do after dinner.

after my run, i stopped by A&V and picked up groceries and the nearby wine store for a bottle of white. dinner consisted of mussels (incredibly fresh and big!) and oyster mushrooms cooked in a green curry broth and stir fried chinese vegetables. the boy suggested we go out for drinks so we headed down to flatiron lounge for a couple drinks where we enjoyed well made cocktails but was instantly reminded by the douche factor why i don't like going to "hot" places on weeknights.

the next morning, instead of sleeping in as planned, i was compelled by the bright sunlight spilling into my room to get out of bed and head to the gym. starving 75% into my weight session, i decided to cut it short and headed to east side bagels to pick up breakfast. back at home, i brewed some coffee and we ate our bagels while watching old episodes of "it's always sunny in philadelphia". the rest of the day flew by. some shopping for myself at bloomies. lunch in koreatown. bridal shower gift shopping at macy's which turned out to be one of my most maddening shopping experiences EVER. aliens & monsters in 3-D followed by bon chon at boka.

the next day was more relaxing with a bridal shower in williamsburg and an impromptu dinner with dandy and the boy at crif dogs. the evening rounded out with drinks at belcourt and more sunny.

an action packed weekend all in all!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

that feeling

do you ever get the desire to procrastinate- simply because you have a deadline?

our first bookclub meeting- VK, celestial, and theng is tomorrow and i'm about halfway through the chosen book Wild Swans. so why am i blogging instead of reading?? good question.

ok, back to the task at hand.